We need your help!  The best public skateparks are the result of community action in numbers.  Sign our support petition, make a cash or in-kind donation and help spread the word about the positive benefits of skateparks in our neighborhoods.

Cash or in-kind donations

Skatepark projects take money and materials like concrete, cinder blocks, rebar, etc.  We have a wish list for a variety of smaller skate spots, as well as larger projects. Your donation is tax deductible.

Use the PayPal button to donate money or contact us via email about your in-kind donation.


Want more skateparks?

You can help support the cause by registering with EPSA. Your information (name & email) will go into our data base of community supporters.

When we have a big fundraising event or need action in numbers (for stuff like attending a Community Development Block Grant meeting) we’ll contact you.

Tienes Concrete? tees

The El Paso Skatepark Association has t-shirts available for a $20 donation.  We also have stickers: $1 donation = 1 sticker, $3 donation = 5 stickers.

Interested? … Contact us below.

Vintage tees

We found the old artwork, so… we had to do it!

Vintage tees featuring the logos of the 1970’s El Paso skateparks Desert Surfing and Earth Surf and available in limited quantities for $25.

Grab it by contacting us below!

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