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Northeast Regional construction begins

Construction on the city's largest and most ambitious public skatepark is underway and is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2014.

Located near the intersection of McCombs/U.S. 54 at Northeast Regional Park (11270 McCombs), the 25,000 square foot skatepark is the first project from the 2012
quality-of-life bonds initiative to break ground. California Skateparks, the same company that makes X-Games courses,
will do all the specialty concrete builds.

The price tag? A cool $1.4 million.

NE Reg 60 percent plan

"We started on this project more than 3 years ago," said a very proud District 5 (northeast) City Representative Carl
Robinson at a June 12th ceremony to kickoff construction.

Using public input acquired from 2 design meetings with local skaters in October and December 2011, Site Design Group created the world-class layout which features a 16-foot tall Etnies capsule replica, vert bowl, snake run and modern
street course.

"Snake runs are making a big comeback, just look at the parks in Arvada, Colorado, Venice Beach and now here,"
said El Paso Skatepark Association (EPSA) board member/local skate legend Jaime Favela.

"It pays homage to the snake runs we had here in the late 1970's with Desert Surfing and Earth Surf skateboard park. Now, a new generation of skaters will get a taste - snakers are great fun and really good for beginners to learn how to pump and carve on."

With it's sheer size, the 16-foot tall Etnies capsule will no doubt be the skatepark's focal point. What will it skate like? Feast your eyes on this footy from the first Lake Forest Etnies Skatepark expansion sessions on YouTube.

"This skatepark is going to be the best in the region," said local skateboarder Phil Sullivan.


NE regional 3d build tomorrow

With design for the Northeast Regional skatepark completed, funding for it's construction was not guaranteed until voters overwhelmingly supported (75% in favor) passage of the Proposition 1 Quality of Life Bond initiative at the polls on November 6, 2012. READ MORE


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If the ancient Mayan civilization could build a killer ditch spot, it would probably look a lot like this. Huge pyramid stairs, plenty of round stuff below, and all blessed by the El Paso Water Utilities-Public Service Board. The Van Buren Dam skateable stilling basin sets a new standard for dual-purpose stormwater drainage... READ MORE

Van Buren Dam


EPSA's role in creating the Edgemont skateable drainage project in Santa Teresa, NM is featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Concrete Wave magazine. The one page article written by the Z-man and Dr. Skateboard breaks down the build of this unique project and the possibility of using it as a model for future dual-purpose infrastructure.

edgemont concrete wave


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We are a group of serious skateboarders who are dedicated to the development and stewardship of safe, freely accessible public skateparks in the El Paso, Texas area. We welcome all collaborations from skateboarders and look forward to establishing partnerships throughout the city, county and state.


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