El Paso has plenty of great skateable ditches – original “not built for skating” stormwater drainage & a new generation of “dual-purpose” concrete ditches designed for both ripping & migrating water.

And while most municipalities prefer to keep folks out of ditches for safety reasons, EPSA has managed to convince key people that skateboarding & ditches are like peanut butter & jelly. The common denominator? Both require good flow.

With a little luck and a load of hard work, here’s a list of storm water projects we’ve been able to influence.

Van Buren Dam

If the ancient Mayan civilization could build a killer ditch spot, it would probably look a lot like this.

Rio Valley snake run ditch

Moving storm water from the street to a central pond park has never been so ssssss-sensational.

Edgemont ditch

Our first made-to-skate ditch project in nearby Santa Teresa, NM made in partnership with Scott Winton of Winton Homes.

Pollard ditch

Great for beginners, this wide open layout got a last minute blessing from El Paso Water Utilities – it’s their 2nd skate friendly project with EPSA.

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