To promote the development and stewardship of safe, freely accessible public skateparks


In 2007, several El Paso skaters realized that more skater input was needed with our city’s public skatepark system. We had 9 public skateparks, but only one “high quality” concrete facility. We also noticed repair issues popping up that needed to be addressed and monitored – who better to assist than the skaters who knew every inch of the place?

Paul Zimmerman, Gabe Lawler and Bill Robertson banded together to form a board of directors for the El Paso Skatepark Association. The goal was to help connect the folks at City Hall with the folks actually riding public skateparks and the experts who design and build them. With 1 in 7 kids now riding skateboards, the demand for these facilities was growing and need to spend taxpayer money properly on public skateparks was critical.

In February 2008, EPSA was granted 501c3 non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service – the importance was the ability to solicit donations to help our city build new public skateparks and maintain what we already had. We have helped the city request warranty service on modular ramp equipment and have recommended best methods for repair on concrete. A formal Park Partner Agreement was established in summer 2008.

Community outreach and partnerships have become vital to our success of our mission. Each year, EPSA brings the art and skateboard communities together for Deck Art Show fundraiser and have facilitated a 3,000 square foot bowl mural project at Carolina Skatepark to help deter offensive graffiti and tagging. In 2009, we consulted with city leaders on the design/build of our community’s second custom concrete facility at Westside Community Park (originally bid as another prefab ramp park) and we’ve continued to advocate for the best possible public skateparks and skate spots in the El Paso area ever since!

Here’s the video story:


Paul Zimmerman

Paul Zimmerman began skateboarding in 1976, inspired by the fluid moves of neighbor Ricky Baca first seen carving up the banked driveways and sidewalks of Wedgewood Drive in east El Paso…

Dr. Bill Robertson

Bill Robertson (“Dr. Skateboard”) is currently Associate Dean and Assistant professor in the College of Education in the Teacher Education Department at the University of Texas at El Paso…

Jaime Favela

Cutting his teeth on the rough streets of South El Paso in the 1970’s and rolling nonstop ever since, Jaime Favela is the soul of El Paso skateboarding…

Mike Bremerman

Owner of Skate Lab Board Shop, Mike B is a do-er! Always putting down the positive vibes, he’s has never shy’d away from the work part of making good things happen in the El Paso skate scene…

George Saenz

By day, he deals insurance for a living. But under that necktie and long sleeve shirt, George Saenz sports plenty of phat tatt’s and a penchant for extreme sports…


Over the years, our efforts have been recognized in the local news media, featured in publications like Concrete Wave Magazine and caught the lenses of touring pro skate teams.

Here’s a cool collection of articles and other media links. A big thanks to everyone for helping spread the good word about public skateparks and made-to-skate ditches – grind on!


Knowledge is power! There are plenty of excellent resources available specific to public skatepark development.  Here’s a few we recommend.


Need mas info? Contact us at info@elpasoskatepark.org.

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